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Queso Fundido con Rajas y Chorizo

February 25, 2011


After a brief hiatus, I’m back.  Sometimes its hard to find inspiration, even when you’re doing something you love… Queso fundido literally translates to melted cheese.  I made this version with queso oaxaca, studded with bits of my homemade chorizo toluqueño and rajas of fire roasted chile poblano & onion.  The mixture is scooped into warm tortillas and eaten […]

Huevos con Chorizo y Rajas

January 29, 2011


Sometimes 2 things just work together perfectly: gin & tonic, macaroni & cheese, chorizo & eggs.  Huevos con Chorizo is a meal I’ve made many times before; this time I made them into tacos, dressed up with some roasted poblano rajas, and a crumble of queso cotija on top.  Muy rico. P.S.  this entry is […]

Chorizo Toluqueño

January 16, 2011


My first entry in the “basic meat preps” chapter and its one of my favorite foods…chorizo!  More specifically Chorizo Toluqueño. The Mexican state of Toluca, where this recipe comes from, is famous for its chorizo. My chorizo was a labor of love but two key pieces of equipment could have made it a lot easier. A decent […]