Guacamole de Tomate Verde

Posted on 15/01/2011


The last time I tried to make guacamole I failed miserably due to some bad avocados.  This time I some regular (non-organic) avocados from a different store and had much better results.  This recipe for Guacamole de Tomate Verde is basically Salsa Verde Cruda with the addition of mashed avocados.

According to Chef Bayless the acidity of the tomatillos helps to slow down the oxidation process which makes the avocado turn brown.  Bayless also has a couple other tricks for preserving guacamole in Authentic Mexican.  First, return the pits to the guacamole somehow that also helps slow browning.  Secondly, you can cover it with plastic wrap so that the plastic is directly on the surface of the guac, keeping as much air out as possible.

Chef Bayless says guacamole is “very attractive” when served in a molcajete.  I agree, but I don’t have one (yet) so I served mine in its own skin, sort of a guacamole on the half shell.

Its delicious with tortilla chips or as a topping for your tacos, tortas, or whatever.  One thing I feel like this guacamole recipe is lacking is a good squeeze of fresh lime, I love the way lime juice makes these flavors pop (and also slows down oxidation).