Guacamole Picado – FAIL

Posted on 09/01/2011


Until a few days ago I had never bought organic avocados.  I’ve generally found organic produce to be of better quality than “normal” so I imagined these organic avocados to be the most silky, delicious, ones I’ve ever tasted…

As I stated previously, I bought these avocados a few days ago and waited for them to ripen until they were just a bit soft but not overly mushy.  I gingerly cut them open and that is when noticed something was wrong, they were brown inside.

I was confused, I had just cut them open, how could the avocados be oxidized already?  So I told myself, “Maybe they aren’t the bright green color you were expecting because they’re organic.  Maybe this is what ‘real’ avocados look like and so what if they aren’t pretty? they will probably taste just as good…”

So I proceeded to scrape them out of their husks and into the waiting bowl of finely chopped tomato, onion, chile serrano, cilantro, & garlic.
These were not the silky smooth avocados of my dreams, the flesh was tough and pulpy.  I should have stopped here but I reasoned with myself, “so they are a little tough, just mash them a little bit more and the guacamole should turn out ok… the show must go on!”

So I mashed and mashed hoping, through some act of alchemy, to turn this shit into gold.  In the end the result was a failure.  The fresh flavors of the other ingredients could not save this the tasteless brown mess.And so now I slink away, with my tail between my legs.  But I vow one day to return to the kitchen with some fresh, ripe, avocados and make some proper guacamole…

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