Salsa Verde

Posted on 08/01/2011


So… I usually start off my posts with a pic of the ingredients in the dish but since I forgot to take one, I’ll just list them: Tomatillos, Onion, Jalapenos, Cilantro, Chicken Broth, & Salt.  As you may have guessed, this Salsa Verde is a cooked version of Salsa Verde Cruda.

After all the veggies are prepped and have had a good go in the food processor, then into the frying pan they go.  But first add a splash of oil to the pan (I used EVOO) and make sure the pan is really nice and hot.  Add a drop of salsa and if it sizzles then your pan is ready.

Then you fry the salsa for several minutes, as it starts to thicken, you may notice the sauce will lose a little  bit of its brilliant green color.  Next you thin it out with your broth.  In Authentic Mexican, Chef Bayless’ recipe calls for 2 cups of broth, I wanted my sauce a little thicker so I only used about a cup.  I went with Free-Range Organic Chicken Broth, but you might also try beef, or turkey broth, or whatever.  Turn the heat down a little  and let the sauce simmer and reduce for several minutes until it reaches your desired consistency.

I served my Salsa Verde over shredded beef tamales (store-bought, Archer Farms brand, available at Target) with a side of re-fried beans with a bit of crumbled Queso Cotija on top.  This Salsa Verde is really nice, the flavors are familiar but the broth adds a richness to the sauce that makes it extra tasty.