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Huevos con Chorizo y Rajas

January 29, 2011


Sometimes 2 things just work together perfectly: gin & tonic, macaroni & cheese, chorizo & eggs.  Huevos con Chorizo is a meal I’ve made many times before; this time I made them into tacos, dressed up with some roasted poblano rajas, and a crumble of queso cotija on top.  Muy rico. P.S.  this entry is […]

Hommage to the Sonoran Hot Dog

January 24, 2011


The Sonoran Hot Dog is not found in Rick Bayless’ Authentic Mexican but its something I found too interesting to ignore.  As a displaced Chicagoan I feel like I know a thing or two about hot dogs and the Sonoran is definitely not the Chicago style dog I grew up with.  Exotic and beautiful, she is a […]

Pitaya Roja

January 20, 2011


I’m all for eating local but I still think its pretty cool to find fresh Dragonfruit (Hylocereus) in Illinois, in the middle of January.

Chorizo Toluqueño

January 16, 2011


My first entry in the “basic meat preps” chapter and its one of my favorite foods…chorizo!  More specifically Chorizo Toluqueño. The Mexican state of Toluca, where this recipe comes from, is famous for its chorizo. My chorizo was a labor of love but two key pieces of equipment could have made it a lot easier. A decent […]

Guacamole de Tomate Verde

January 15, 2011


The last time I tried to make guacamole I failed miserably due to some bad avocados.  This time I some regular (non-organic) avocados from a different store and had much better results.  This recipe for Guacamole de Tomate Verde is basically Salsa Verde Cruda with the addition of mashed avocados. According to Chef Bayless the […]

Chilaquiles – my way

January 13, 2011


As much as I enjoy this project, I’m still in the chapter on salsas and I’m getting bored.  Sometimes you just gotta get in the kitchen and do it freestyle.  So here is my interpretation of the Mexican classic Chilaquiles. Tortillas simmered with homemade salsa verde, drizzled with homemade crema, topped with fresh onion and […]

Ensalada de Nopalitos

January 12, 2011


Yesterday, I went back to the fruit market looking for Nopales and there were none to be found.  I should have bought those fresh ones, five days ago, when I had the chance.  So I had to resort to using jarred nopales for my ensalada. The plus side to using the jarred kind (I used […]