Salsa Roja

Posted on 31/12/2010


This one came out a little different from the previous three salsas I’ve prepared, it also required the most prep work.  The recipe calls for roasted tomatoes which I wasn’t sure how to prepare (next time I’ll check the book’s appendix), I consulted google and found this recipe via Everyday with Rachael Ray.  Rachael Ray’s roasted tomatoes recipe calls for thyme (which I omitted) and olive oil, fire roasting would probably be more authentic.

So, first I roasted the tomatoes and garlic in the oven.  Next I seeded and de-veined the guajillos and then toasted them on a skillet.  Finally, I threw everything in the food processor and voila!  Bayless recommends straining the salsa through a mesh sieve which I didn’t have so, I pureed the salsa extra long to get a smooth consistency.

Salsa Roja is the most “saucey” of the salsas I’ve made thus far.  It tastes very tomatoey, a little garlicky, and a little bitter; the flavors just don’t pop like the other salsas.  I may have toasted the guajillos a little too long (which Chef Bayless warns against).

UPDATE (01/01/10): I let my Salsa Roja sit in the fridge for a day before I decided to do something with it.  I realized I wasn’t using it right, after all this is a sauce, not a chunky relish or dip to be munched with tortilla chips.  So I added a little brown sugar to balance out the bitterness, fried it up with some beef, threw it on hot corn tortillas with a little Salsa Mexicana and had some pretty awesome tacos.